The Team

General Manager

Livi Plihal

Hi! I’m Livi the general manager. I am a senior International Political Economy major from Silver Spring, Maryland. When I’m not in the KUPS booth underneath the glow of the blacklight pondering my own mortality, I’m hanging out with friends, having a laugh, or just chilling. I live by the 3 S’s: sun, sand, and surf, and I hope to one day own my own touristy boardwalk beach themed store! (think hand towels, coconut scented soaps, acrylic paintings of sea creatures). Shoot me an email if you ever want to talk about music, hope, or cable-knit sweaters:)

Programming Director

Beck Barr

Hi! I’m Beck (he/him), this year’s Programming Director. I’m a junior majoring in Politics and Government with a Political Theory emphasis and a Math minor. When I’m not doing KUPS things, I am probably collaging or having an impromptu dance party with my housemates. I love radio! I also have a pet bunny named George! If you have any questions about KUPS, George, or if you just want to chat, don’t hesitate to hit me up! 

Business Director

Luca Lotruglio

Luca (he/him) is the Business Director from New York who enjoys all things Hearsing, Grateful Dead, 90s Queensboro, and grapefruit.

Communications Engineer

Tim Hogan

I, Tim Hogan, take a solemn oath to safeguard the KUPS data. My passions are baggy pants and supporting public radio and local skateboard shops. I love my homies.

Media Director

Ciara Mendez

Ciara E-Mendez is the media director at KUPS. She loves making graphics & editing, finding sneaker discounts, disco & rap, and chilling.

Music Director

Hugh Schmidt

Hi! My name is Hugh and I’m the music director this year at KUPS! I am a senior majoring in religious studies and minoring in history. I am super passionate about any and all subgenres of punk and hardcore and spend most of my free time playing in terrible bands. Outside of music, I watch a lot of 90’s and 2000’s teen dramas and read a lot of zines.

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